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How to Setup a Static IP Address on TrueNAS

How to Setup a Static IP Address on TrueNAS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up a static IP address on a TrueNAS server is a crucial task for ensuring reliable network configuration. This guide provides a workaround for setting up a static IP address during the TrueNAS installation process, where the installer does not offer an easy way to do so.


We accessed the TrueNAS server shell prompt remotely using IPMI or at the console, listed the interfaces with ip a, and set the IP address using specific commands.

ip a
sudo ip addr add dev eth0
sudo ip route add default via dev eth0

Replace eth0 with your network interface name and adjust the IP address and subnet to your network’s configuration.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Accessing the Shell Prompt: Load the “Shell” from the menu after the OS installation to access the command line.

  2. Listing Network Interfaces: Type ip a to list all network interfaces. Identify the active interface (typically in UP status).

  3. Configuring the IP Address: Enter the following commands, adjusting them as necessary for your network:

sudo ip addr add dev eth0
sudo ip route add default via dev eth0
  1. Testing the Configuration: Use ping to test the configuration.

  2. Accessing the TrueNAS GUI: Log into your TrueNAS GUI using the admin credentials you set.

For more detailed insights on IP configuration in Linux, read our article on Configuring Static IP Address from the Command Line in Linux: A Comprehensive Guide.


While setting up a static IP on TrueNAS can seem complex due to the installer’s limitations, following these steps makes the process manageable.

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Remember, sometimes the simplest solutions are found in the shell, highlighting the power and flexibility of command-line interfaces.