NY Remote Hands Services

Can't get to your datacenter location or tired of paying high fees for very small tasks? We're with you.


Certified Technicians Starting At $125* / hr

New York / New Jersey Remote Hands Services

PureVoltage Technicians have years of experience working in our datacenters and previous locations, coupled with our hands-on training and customer support programs, it makes perfect sense to choose one of our technicians for your server needs.

We pride ourselves on providing A+ support and service at a reasonable and competitive price. PureVoltage has been in the hosting industry since 2007, and over the years have build strong relationships with vendors to help you get the best performance and price possible.

Whether it be server building, racking, cabling, consulting, expansion planning or migrations, PureVoltage Remote Hands Technicians are experienced and skilled with all aspects of hosting and maintenance to help keep your equipment secure and running smoothly.

Partial list of services:

  • Cross Connecting Infrastructure
  • Backing Up Tape Swaps
  • Power Cycling of Equipment
  • Patch Cord Installation
  • Equipment Assistance
  • Verifying KVM Availability
  • Equipment Installation
  • Software Installation
  • Infrastructure Data Cabling
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Hardware Replacement
  • One-Time Pre-Scheduled Event
  • Routine Scheduled Events

About Our Remote Hands Services

When it comes to availability, our datacenter technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even holidays. All of our services are priced during normal business hours, with an additional fee for extended hours or emergency situations. Normal business hours are defined as Monday - Friday (excluding major holidays) from 7am to 6pm EST.

All remote hands services are performed by verified PureVoltage technicians who have successfully passed a drug and background check before joining our team, and trained in house on additional education as technology advances.

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On-Demand Services Available:

  • Power Cycling on Equipment
  • Overall Visual Equipment Check
  • Equipment Setup (Mouse, Keyboard, KVM, etc) to Console
  • Hardware component replacement
  • Organizing Cable Labeling
  • Rotations of Media (tapes, CDs)
  • Loading of Media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, or USB media)
  • Troubleshooting of Physical Ports
  • Entering commands according to your specifications & relaying system responses
  • Executing built-in diagnostics according to your instructions
  • Perform other tasks requiring a similar skill level where immediate action is required

Scheduled Services Available:

  • Upgrading disk drives
  • Installing newly received equipment with specific instructions
  • Adding or Replacing Memory (RAM)
  • Configuring routers, switches, and other network equipment under specific instructions
  • Equipment inventory and labeling
  • Cross connect inventory and labeling
  • Support during planned, routine style maintenance activities
  • Cage/Environment temp analysis including scans of the environment or equipment
  • Equipment rack and stack of incremental equipment that requires no more than two engineers and no project management, not to exceed 4 hours in a single day
  • Perform other tasks requiring a similar skill level and duration where the activity can be scheduled between you and the PureVoltage team in less than 4 hours

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